2021, a historic moment for the BioRegion

COVID-19 has upended many areas of our lives, but it has also been an opportunity to highlight the importance of investing in research and innovation in health and the need to prepare for future pandemics.

In this context, Biocat co-organized with the ”la Caixa” Foundation the CaixaResearch Conference ‘PANDEMICS: Overcoming COVID-19 and preparing for the future' and adapted the flagship d·HEALTH Barcelona program to a new online version (Ignite·Health Barcelona) focused on proposing solutions to the pandemic. All while celebrating its 15th anniversary, which coincided with a passing of the baton at the helm of the organization and an updated vision for the BioRegion.

In October 2021, Robert Fabregat took over as CEO at this post-pandemic “historic time for the BioRegion”, with a firm commitment to strengthening Biocat’s role as an essential agent for boosting Catalonia’s research and innovation capacity, helping accelerate the transfer of medical technology and solutions to patients, and consolidating the BioRegion of Catalonia as one of the most important healthcare innovation hubs in Europe.

This report dedicates a specific section to the projects and activities that received the most funding and have had the most noteworthy impact, including the publication and presentation of the official 2021 report on the sector (#BioRegionReport), the CRAASH Barcelona and Ignite·Health Barcelona acceleration programs, and dissemination and projection of the BioRegion’s assets and capacities to improve the ecosystem's international reputation through communication channels and marketing materials. It also includes our close collaboration with the Council of European BioRegions (CEBR) and becoming members of the CEBR board, as well as participation in European projects like Boost4Health (which boosts the international competitiveness of startups) and EATRIS+ (which helps support the long-term sustainability of the EATRIS infrastructure), facilitating the business and research community's access to funds, activities and innovative science tools, among others.

Kick off of the CRAASH Barcelona 2021 program held on September 6, 7 and 8

María Neira, Director of the Department of Public Health and the Environment at the World Health Organization (WHO), during her speech at the "CaixaResearch Conference 'Overcoming Covid-19 and preparing for the future"