A strategic stakeholder for promoting the BioRegion

Biocat is a strategic stakeholder and catalyst for building, promoting and projecting the Catalan life sciences and healthcare ecosystem, known as the BioRegion of Catalonia.

Biocat was established in 2006 as a public-private foundation at the behest of the Government of Catalonia and the Barcelona City Council to identify the needs of the BioRegion and implement a strategy and action plan to maximize the economic and social impact of the life sciences and healthcare innovation ecosystem in Catalonia.

The main focal points of Biocat’s strategy are:

Boosting technology transfer, talent and business acceleration

- Transferring technology from academia to companies

- Growing the number and solidity of tech-based startups in the life sciences

- Attracting local and international private capital to the BioRegion

Positioning and international influence of the BioRegion

- Boosting the BioRegion’s reputation and alliances with main European and international stakeholders with the capacity to influence on a European level

- Projecting and raising awareness of the assets and potential of the BioRegion and its stakeholders in the international community participating in and attracting top forums to Barcelona

- Connecting and accessing international environments and markets

Own voice and strategic influence

- Providing external support for the Administration and institutions in Catalonia in their strategic plans for research and Innovation

- Representing the innovative ecosystem in the life sciences and healthcare in Catalonia and being an expert voice regarding the challenges and needs of the sector

- Channeling and compiling initiatives in the innovative ecosystem to address the country’s challenges

Biocat’s governing bodies include representatives from all areas and levels of the BioRegion of Catalonia: Administration, companies (biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical technology and services), universities, hospitals, research centers and institutes, science parks and sector support organizations.

Check out the What we do section to learn about the specific projects Biocat is working on now and get the BioRegion Report to see the latest macroeconomic, investment and innovation indicators for the ecosystem.

Biocat organized a round table on Artificial Intelligence applied to healthcare within the framework of Tech Spirit 2021, with the participation of EATRIS, IBM Consulting, Group Novartis and Veristat

Some Biocat staff members at 4YFN 2021