In November 2021, the second edition of the Virtual Disruptour Silicon Valley and New York program was held. In this program organized by Biocat and ACCIÓ, nine companies from the BioRegion took part in an online immersion in two of the more powerful healthcare and entrepreneurship ecosystems in the United States.

The participating startups from the BioRegion were: ADmit Therapeutics SL, Aniling, Aromics, Doctomatic, Glycardial Diagnostics, MiMARK Diagnostics, Mangrana Ventures, Singularity Biomed and The Blue Box Biomedical Solutions.

During the sessions, these companies got a general overview of the two ecosystems and a first-hand look from local experts at how their companies are innovating and what it takes to do so successfully.

Plus, they got the chance to pitch their technology to noteworthy investors from the California ecosystem, forge connections with companies located in this area and get a first-hand look at the trends that will define the future of the sector and the main challenges that have to be tackled.

Promotional banner for the Virtual Disruptour Silicon Valley and New York program